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Our Specialists

Christopher Berumen

At Baysix we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality massage therapy adapted to fit a wide range of needs. From general stress to sports or repetitive stress injuries; we can assist with just about anything.  


We provide work that is true to it's name. Massage with therapy and results in mind. The majority of our clients are seeing us to address a specific physical limitation, injury, or condition. One that gradually improves through strengthening, stretching and massage therapy. We are dedicated to providing noticeable and measurable results to every person to walk through our doors. Assisting each of our clients in breaking through barriers and reaching all their physical goals. And to set and achieve a higher standard for themselves and their bodies.


Serving the Redwood City, San Mateo, Silicon Valley and the entire Bay Area since 1997.  If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact us at (650) 599-9840.

Eugene S.
Massage Therapy

Eugene has been a massage therapist for 5  years now and is clinically focused and employ a number of modalities. This helps him customize his sessions  to suit individuals particular needs and goals. 

He originally found his inspiration in Chiropractics and his goal is to help people in healing their ailments, as well as assisting people in the maintenance of their bodies, whether for performance or to relieve day to day stresses. 


His work is very detailed and he can offer intensive deep tissue, sports massage and relaxation. If you have site specific issues, Eugene is a great therapist to try!

Ann C.
Massage Therapy, Prenatal, Assisted Stretching


Ann has been a massage therapist for eight years in Boston and now recently in the San Francisco Area.


She became interested in massage when a close family member was suffering from severe joint pain. The family member went to get a massage. Ann was impressed that the massage helped to relieve pain, increase mobility, relaxation and elevated the family member's state of mind. 


Ann graduated from Elizabeth Grady School for massage therapy and esthetics n 2009. She is trained in Swedish, deep tissue, sports,and pregnancy.


She has worked on athletes training for marathons as well as individuals that need to relax and unwind. The massage will be customized to the needs of the individual. She combines intuition and technical skill to allow guests to relax but also feel like they have benefited, physically and mentally from the massage. 

Brandon L.
Massage Therapy

With four years experience specializing in neuro-muscular, injury, deep tissue therapies Brandon is well versed at working with a variety of clients ranging from athletes to those who suffer from issues stemming from desk work.

He incorporates PNF stretching, deep tissue and relaxation into his sessions. He is a therapist dedicated to providing relaxation and well as long lasting muscle relief to everyone who graces his table.

We warmly welcome you to give him a try at the introductory price of $80 per hour for the entire month of April. His schedule is active online so log in and reserve your spot today!

Helene C.
Massage Therapy, Prenatal Massage

Helene received her massage training at NHI (National Holistic Institute) which is one of the most regarded massage schools in the country. She is passionate about the positive effects of therapy on the body and mind.


She specializes in injury rehabilitation, migraine relief and tension-related headaches.  Additionally she can offer a relaxation focused massage session. She offers Swedish, deep tissue and prenatal massage.

Helene and have graduated from both San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology receiving her esthetics certificate at SFIEC in 2006. She has been in the beauty and health industry for 8 years now and truly enjoys it more every day.

Rosey M
Massage Therapy

Rosey attended the well recognized School of Massage and Bodywork in 

San Francisco.

She specializes in Deep tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point, foot reflexology, and Myo-fascial release. From a deeply relaxing massage to more detailed work in problematic areas, Rosey customizes each session according to the clients requests and intuitively feels out what the body is needing.

She creatively blends a number of modalities to deliver the highest quality experience for each and every individual who visits her.

Ludivina V.
Massage Therapy, Prenatal

Lu became a massage therapist  from a direct result of an injury as a child, she suffered from a debilitating neck trauma. 

She graduated massage school with honors and was excited to apply all her learned skills to beter educate and heal her clients one session at a time. She has honed her skills in some of the finest fitness centers, spas, and chiropractic clinics in the Bay Area. 


Licensed and certified in three states. Lu specializes in many massage modalities, but her most valuable specialty is that she solely specializes in direct health and wellness bodywork. Lu's sessions are catered to each individual with the main purpose of bettering the internal and external self. She deeply believes in the potency of massage to greatly benefit one's life, and is devoted to the eradication of chronic pain and discomfort in her clientele.   


She offers pre and post natal, deep tissue, swedish and injury recovery.     

Jenny B
Massage Therapy & Skin Care


Jenny has been in the health and wellness industry for over twenty years. She started her career in massage therapy first, graduating from NHI in 1997. She quickly realized that her strength was providing relief from pain resulting from injuries and lifestyle choices with a combination of swedish, deep tissue and injury recovery massage. Being athletic herself Jenny also understands how impactful massage can be on athletic performance and recovery and many of her clients utilize her services to optimize their training.

After the birth of her son Jenny struggled with hormonal acne. In her quest to solve her own skin problems she decided to become an esthetician, focusing on those struggling with problematic skin. She eventually solved her skin care issues and have helped countless others get the skin they feel most comfortable in.

Most recently in her quest to help clients Jenny received her microblading certification. Microblading is a wonderful way for people to feel and look their best with the semi permanent application of pigment to the eyebrow area.

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