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Customized Massage Therapy

Your massage needs are specific. You need a therapist who truly listens to you and customizes appropriately. At Baysix this is exactly what is offered. Our specialists specialize in you.

Benefits of Massage


Once considered a pampering activity, massage is gaining a lot of attention for the many health benefits that it offers. Whether you have an injury or are struggling with stress massage has benefits for every person that receives it. Some of the known benefits include reduced physical and mental tension, relief of sports injuries and increased circulation among many others. Give us a call to schedule your appointment and we will make sure to put you with the best possible specialist for your situation. 

Injury Recovery


Whether you have been in a car accident or have an athletic injury our specialists are knowledgeable about a variety of ailments. The key to a successful massage that is used to treat injuries is to make sure that the therapist has a clinical understanding of anatomy and how it reacts to injury. In addition, making sure the application of pressure is appropriate in conjunction with how the body is moved in the session is paramount to the success of the session. Our goal is to rid the body of pain and have mobility returned to the body. 

Prenatal Massage


Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman's life, but also can be physically exhausting and painful. Prenatal massage helps alleviate so many of the pressures of carrying a child. From back pain to edema, we have seen it all. Our specialists have certification in prenatal massage and extensive experience in taking care of women at every stage of pregnancy.

*Upgrade fee for this service.

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