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Microblading is a semi permanent application of pigment that is applied in single strokes to create natural looking eyebrows. 

Phone Consultation & Intake


Understanding what your expectations and desires are for your microblading session are monumental to creating results that you are truly happy with. Before your initial session we will email you a link to our online intake form. We will ask you a variety of questions that will determine if you are a good candidate for microblading. Additionally you will be required to include two photos of your brows.

The first photograph is one of your brows where you thought they were perfect. The second picture to be included would be one of your brows totally bare and natural. Once this information is obtained a representative of Baysix will call you to schedule your appointment. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required. Any changed appointment requires 48 hours notice.

Initial Treatment​

For your initial microblading session please arrive with your eyebrows drawn in your preference. We truly believe in customizing your experience at Baysix, and while eyebrow mapping is truly useful not everyone wants the results that are trendy these days. Microblading doesn’t have to mean thick eyebrows. If your preference is thinner eyebrows or a more natural look we are happy to accommodate. If you don’t know what you want we will work together as a team to figure it out! Bottom line, its your face so it is your call.

Once your shape and thickness has been determined and agreed upon we mark the outline to create the boundary to microblade within. That’s when the fun begins! After applying a numbing agent we will take a disposable microblading tool with the desired pigment and create natural looking hair strokes one at a time. In total the initial session can last between 2-3 hours. A touch up session is required once six weeks has passed and is included in the cost of the initial session. Must be booked in office after initial session is complete.

Touch Ups


Your second session isn’t really a touch up, its more the session where we perfect the original microblading. After your initial session a follow up session is required once six weeks has passed and must be booked in office after initial session. The cost of the follow up session is included in the initial cost.

We will chat about where you are needing to fill in (some fading happens and is normal), what you love and what you’d like improved. After we have determined the course of action the procedure is the same. We will mark your eyebrows for the shape, numb you and then microblade. After this your touch ups are at your discretion, however we recommend once every six months to a year.

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